All About Sweetwater

Just off I-75, tucked away in the gently rolling hills between Chattanooga and Knoxville, the city of Sweetwater is an oasis from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. From the moment you cross our city limits, you'll experience a hassle-free way of living. We strive to provide individuals and families with a safe, comfortable, and uncrowded destination from which they can experience the beauty and charm of East Tennessee.

Sweetwater appeals to the history buff, the nature lover, the passionate antiquer, the adventurer, and the kids! For those in recreational spirit, Sweetwater is just 20 minutes from two of East Tennessee's most beautiful lakes, and Sweetwater boasts an excellent Recreation Complex complete for the sports enthusiast. In addition to a wide variety of area attractions, Sweetwater is home to many eclectic dining and shopping choices, allowing you to experience the downhome East Tennessee flavor. Most of the notable sites of the region are within a short drive of our many budget-friendly accommodations. Instead of a vacation to get away from it all, come to Sweetwater and get away to it all.

Stop in, stay a while… and you'll be back!

The passenger train was one of Sweetwater's favorite attractions in the early 1900's. The picture above tells a lot about the standard joke of the train conductor who, when asked by a passenger how many people lived in Sweetwater, replied, "Just raise your window and count them! They all gather at the station to see if any strangers come to town or if anyone leaves town when the train arrives!".